Infant Care (Under 2 Yrs)

Young children need lots of love and extra special care and our Infant Care program provides just that for under 2 Year olds. Each dedicated infant room is a comfortable place filled with nurturing surroundings and loving care.

Our program offers each child one-on-one and group activities, gentle play and safe exploration. It’s stimulating to the development of young minds without being overwhelming.

Each infants needs are different, so we have flexible routines for babies under 12 months. There are areas for sleep, relaxing and personal space and the opportunity for outdoor experiences in the fresh air. And so that you don’t miss out on all those little things that happen each day, your child has their own personal learning journal that captures their journey as it unfolds.

Here’s what you’ll need to bring:

  • Bottles filled and labelled
  • 1 x Home nappy labelled
  • Sipper cup
  • Sun hat/winter hat
  • Changes of clothes
  • Comforters
  • Any medication or cream