Tucked away in the quiet part of a newly established estate in Doreen, ELTHAM College Kids Laurimar is easily accessible for anyone using Yan Yean Road or Plenty Road to travel to work. Our centre has been purpose built with the use of natural materials and landscaped gardens to create a healthy, bright and comfortable place for up to 120 children from 0-6 years. We cater for all types of families and parenting styles and support many new families. As a part of this growing neighbourhood, we’re involved in many community events and we reflect the local support of sustainability through our centre's design and ethos.

Laurimar Estate, 35 Flaxen Hills Road, Doreen 3754.
Hours: Open from 7.00am until 6.30pm Monday to Friday
Telephone: 03 9717 3741 Fax: 03 9717 4892
Coordinator: Ashlee Aldred

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