Parent Resources

Start Right Eat Right

We know that children who develop good eating habits now will have much better eating habits in the future. The Start Right Eat Right program suggests the recommended daily nutritional requirements for children. ELTHAM College Kids bases all menus on the program’s recommendations. We are regularly assessed to ensure all children are eating well, that we are providing parents with relevant and useful information and educating our children about good eating habits. For more info visit


The outdoors are part of the Australian way of life but being SunSmart is the only way to ensure we continue to enjoy it while protecting ourselves from the dangers of the sun. All ELTHAM College Kids Centres are assessed every two years and have policies to provide adequate shade, undercover areas, sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses, while educating children about being SunSmart. For more information about sun protection, fact sheets and the SunSmart program in child care centres visit

National Child Care Accreditation Council

The National Child Care Accreditation Council creates and assesses the guidelines for which Child Care centres are rated. ELTHAM College Kids is considered to offer a “High Quality” service according to the accreditation council and we are assessed every two years to ensure we are meeting best practice benchmarks. To learn more about what high quality care is, view fact sheets or access other useful information visit


The DEECS is our governing body. ELTHAM College Kids abides by The Children’s Services Regulations 2009 and The Children’s Services Act 1996. Please visit if you would like more information about these regulations or to contact a Children’s Service Advisor if you have a concern about a particular child care centre.