Early education built on 35 years of experience

For more than 35 years ELTHAM College has been a leader in educating young people from Kindergarten to year 12. The school has established a reputation as an educational leader committed to working with young people to realise their dreams and achieve individual excellence. Our Early Years foundations are firmly planted in a background of caring and of educating young children ensuring that daily educational experience is relevant, engaging and fun. Innovation, passion and professionalism combines to ensure the very best in early education.

Since 2002 ELTHAM College Kids, an initiative of ELTHAM College and inspired by our acclaimed Early Learning Centre, has offered high quality education and child care. With a focus on the holistic development of each child and well known for our innovative education style, ELTHAM College is committed to providing excellent care and dynamic learning experience that is relevant to the individual needs and talents of each young person. At each of our ELTHAM College Kids locations we bring the same passion and commitment to the development, nurture and growth of all young people in our care.

Just as the student is at the centre of schooling, the child is our focus in our early years programs, and we create the standard for child care and early learning.

Our mission vision and values are paramount to how we work with young children and their families. Indeed, they govern how we work together as a community.

Our vision:

To realise early learning that will make the difference to each child’s future confidence and success.

Our mission:

To nurture and promote each child and their developing talents from baby to preschool.

Our values:

Working together
We embrace shared behaviours where we work as a team in working with children and their families.
We celebrate diversity and recognise each infant and child as an individual as they develop their talents, abilities, passions and aspirations.
We encourage creativity and innovation to seek better ways of caring and learning.
We display and promote integrity through openness, trust, negotiation, fairness, honesty and respect for all people.
We help children grow their disposition and skills for learning so they move to schooling as confident young learners.
We believe in sharing a partnership with our families.
We create a child care culture that values the principles of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.
We value the quest for personal best and setting new standards in child care and early learning.
We value community behaviours that encourage people to work together and respect the integrity and individuality of other people and the rights of the community.

Quality programs in the early years

We believe that quality early years programs at the baby, infant, toddler and preschooler stage makes the difference for young children and their successful transition through the early childhood years, nurturing confident, and exciting futures. To this end we have developed a Child Care and Early Learning approach that will make the difference for your child.

Your child at the centre of everything we do

At the heart of our approach to child care are the needs of your child. We fundamentally believe in the importance of relationships and are committed to each child and their families sense of belonging and connectedness to the centre. We take the time to nurture and grow young children’s skill, confidence and learning. Our inspirational spaces, stimulating programs, home cooked meals and loving attention are just some of the many ways we care and foster a place of learning.

One big family

We are committed to listening and working with you to care for your child in a nurturing and safe environment. We take the time to get to know your family and what’s especially important to you. We will sensitively share with you insights into your child's day to continue to foster the very special parent child bond.

Statement of Philosophy

Children demonstrate from birth an enthusiasm to learn and curiosity about the world which motivates their desire to communicate and interact with their environment. Children have many different ways of knowing and doing, different talents and different strengths. With this in mind, our goal is to provide a creative, stimulating, interactive and nurturing learning environment encouraging each child to develop his or her social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills to full potential.

Careful consideration is given to the importance of the aesthetic and nurturing environment from the infants rooms to the kindergarten rooms and outdoor play spaces. Daily care routines are viewed as learning opportunities and time to build on the strong bonds between babies, infants, toddlers and care givers. The environment reflects the sensitive balance between care and learning in the arrangement of play equipment and learning experiences, aiming to stimulate and promote independence and individual learning skills within a creative and challenging space.

We embrace the notion that each child comes to know themselves through their interaction and relationships with people and their environment. We support each child, therefore, as an individual who will productively and positively contribute to working within the context of a group. The child, the adult, the environment and curriculum are interactive.

Play is an important and complex medium, through which children learn. Play allows each child the opportunity to discover, explore, question, predict, to wonder, to imagine, to research, to represent reality and fantasy and to create ways of understanding their world. Our integrated program embraces the importance of all learning experiences including focus on language skills and emerging literacy.

We believe that each child has a right to experience a sense of belonging and community. We are committed to sharing children’s experience, culture and learning with their family, supporting and establishing mutual exchanges between the home and centre.

We aim to create a lifelong learning environment where children, parents, and staff are supported and encouraged to continually build on their life experience and knowledge base.

Our aim is to create an environment of care where each child feels respected and respects others; an environment where each child from infants to preschooler is listened to, heard, understood, and given the opportunity to express themselves, their ideas and their real perspectives on their world.